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Quick Look: Borderlands 2 ‘Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty’ DLC

We awarded Borderlands 2 a 9/10 when we reviewed it last month. It’s bigger and better than its predecessor, but at the speed gamers play games today most of you are probably already done with its meaty campaign. Enter Scarlett and her umm, pirate’s booty.

The add-on costs $10 and comes in at 1.29GB and it adds a reported 10 hours of gameplay, a new location (Oasis), new guns, new enemies, and tons of booty. Or loot if you want to get technical. And before you ask, no it doesn’t increase the level cap.

I sunk a few hours into Scarlett’s… ugh. Let me start over, I spent a few hours with this add-on. I really like Oasis, it’s just a desert, but it’s far from bland. Palm trees and neon signs are in abundance and at times it reminds me of a run down version of Las Vegas.

You can fast travel to Oasis at any time, but if you’re under level 30 the missions will be impossible (I tried to do one with a low-level character and I was killed within seconds). The gameplay is more of the same, kill, loot, go here, go there, etc. This isn’t a bad thing, though. It’s as addictive as ever and that’s all that matters.

Pandora’s trademark humor is still here. The opening sequence is hilarious and Scarlett is just as animated as the main game’s NPCs. Plus she’s honest – you have to respect someone who tells you they’ll probably betray you if push comes to shove.

If you need more Borderlands 2 in your life download Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty. It won’t raise your level if you’ve reached the cap, but it will keep you entertained and drowning in sweet, sweet loot.

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