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Dexter ‘Run’ Review

It’s Sunday night so you know what that means? More Dexter. ‘Run’ continues the events of last week’s episode, but it throws in a few surprises to keep things interesting. The crazy steroid freak is in custody; Hannah McKay is up to something, the Ukraine mob becomes interesting and then jumps the shark. And finally – has Debra accepted Dexter’s Dark Passenger?

Did the maze from last week give you a headache? Well Spelter’s obstacle course from hell is back and as nauseating as ever. He confesses, but it gets thrown out because he didn’t accept his rights. It’s ridiculous, but this serves as another opportunity from Dexter to get him on his table

Meanwhile Hannah McKay is sniffing around Miami Metro. She’s being friendly, too friendly. I can see straight through her. She thinks Dexter knows something about her. Sigh, I was hoping that she wasn’t another killer, but her true intentions are beyond obvious. Let me guess – she was really the one behind all those murders and what’s his name just took the fall for her. Hopefully I’m wrong, that would be another terrible twist under the writers’ belts.

Since things are heating up Dexter makes a tough decision and sends Harrison away for a few weeks. Something tells me this is the last we’ll see of him and Jamie. No, they won’t die, but they’ll be ignored for the rest of the season. Do you remember Astor and Cody?

I expressed my dislike for the Ukraine mob storyline. This episode sheds some light on the situation, but ultimately things take another nosedive. It’s revealed that the guy who got killed is the head mobster’s gay lover. Yes, now everything is starting to make sense. Unfortunately, this twist just makes this storyline more absurd. They can’t possibly drag this out for a whole season.

Dexter and Debra continue to clash, Spelter goes free and Debra is starting to see why people like her brother are needed. The law fails sometimes and even though the cops knew who killed those girls they couldn’t touch Spelter. Eventually Dexter gets him, and to my surprise Debra was waiting for him outside.

The last five minutes of ‘Run’ gave me chills. Dexter burns his blood slides and the scene between him and Debra takes the series in a new direction. She’s relieved that Spelter is off the streets. You couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion. Dexter is a monster, there’s no denying that. But there are people out there that are far worse than him. And sometimes those people slip through the system; this is where Dexter comes in. Debra is finally seeing the real truth. (Rating: 9/10)

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