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Idolmaster Xenoglossia Collection 1 DVD Review

Idolmaster Xenoglossia originally came out back in 2007. I’m not sure why it’s just now getting a stateside release, maybe Sentai Filmworks thought, why the hell not? This is a subbed release so they aren’t exactly making a huge investment. Still, as the saying goes — better late than never.


The Moon’s destruction 107 years ago is a distant memory. So when Haruka Amami auditions for the Idolmaster Project, she THINKS she’s trying out to be a singer. Instead, her career is going meteoric and you won’t believe the rocks she will roll! Haruka is now a pilot candidate for an iDOL—a robot that intercepts moon debris. When she pilots Imber, she questions the nature of the iDOLs. The mysteries mount, the competition is furious and the mission to save Earth is on in iDOLM@ster Xenoglossia!

This takes the IDOLM@STER series and throws in a mecha twist. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? The truth is iDOLM@ster Xenoglossia isn’t half-bad. Sure, it follows the standard mecha anime archetype (there’s only one person who can pilot this beast), but the girls’ interactions prevent this from becoming a total wash. The girls all have their own quirks and things become most entertaining when everyone is in one room.

The battles are well choreographed, but this is best when looked at as a comedy. Although, if you’re craving some hot robot on robot action you won’t be disappointed. Sunrise is the studio behind this and they’re masters when it comes to anime that feature giant robots. Seriously, they wrote the rule book on the genre.

I wouldn’t call this release jam-packed, when it comes to extras there’s your standard clean opening and closing, trailers, and a few shorts. The lack of goodies doesn’t matter, though. An abundance of extras are becoming a rarity with anime DVDs these days.

If you’re looking for a solid mecha comedy and don’t mind reading subtitles Idolmaster Xenoglossia is worth a look. It won’t blow your mind, but it’s a good way to waste a boring Saturday. Rating: 7/10 ‘Good’


Sentai Filmworks provided us with a copy of Idolmaster Xenoglossia Collection 1  for the purpose of this review. You can pick up a copy at Right Stuf or on Amazon.

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