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The iPad Mini Is Real, Take a Look

Today Apple made the iPad Mini official. It’s basically a smaller iPad 2 with better cameras, Wi-Fi, and LTE. Prices start at $329. That’s a little too rich for my blood ($249 would have made this an instant impulse buy), but if you’re feeling bold you can pre-order one this Friday.

Source: Apple

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  • jac

    If it was at $299AUD, I would consider it- plus the extra smart cover, because it’s almost essential to provide some protection to the screen. That would be a total of approx $350AUD

    But at $369AUD, it’s way too expensive. If you get it with the smart cover, it goes beyond the $400 mark.

    Also, no retina screen? No GPS on the wifi models? 1024×768 resolution? And a ram of 512mb? Wow Apple, you are trying to sell this thing at $369AUD? You got to be kidding.

    I’ll stick with my Galaxy 7.7 for now thanks

  • Camara Wilson

    the sweet entry price point should have been 249-269$