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For the Last Time, Bethesda Did Not Develop Dishonored

I usually try my best to stay away from drama in the gaming world. More often than not, it is nothing more than petty garbage that is soon forgotten after a week or two. However, the release of a certain game recently and the reception that some of the gaming community has given it as the result of the perceived developer has me, frankly, pissed.

Dishonored is the new IP of the year, in my mind. It does so much right in delivering an organic and believable gaming world that has the confidence to eschew the Michael Bay bullshit that has perforated so many big box gaming releases nowadays. There seems to be a dearth of developers that think that they can release a game that can stand on its own two without being held up by an outrageous amount of cinematics, online deathmatches, or whatever current trend the gaming industry is following. Thankfully, Arkane Studios was confident in their artistic vision and their ability to carry it out as game developers.

This is the part where I feel as is much of the gaming community on the internet, all too eager to jump to conclusions, starts asking just who the hell Arkane Studios is. Well, they happen to be the very talented studio that made the damn thing. No, people, Bethesda, the studio that drew much ire after their mishandling of Skyrim last year and on into this year, did not develop this game. It just so happens that Bethesda, being owned by a larger media conglomerate known as Zenimax Media, also publishes games.

You might wonder why this all matters. “So what if there is a portion of the gaming community that is misinformed?” you might ask. Well, as it happens, there are those that, perhaps rightfully so, have chosen to boycott everything Bethesda is responsible for developing. This particular portion of the gaming community simply look for excuses to hate the game simply because the Bethesda brand is on the box.

If anything, we should be thanking Bethesda as a publisher  for having the balls to take a chance on this brave new IP. Yes, on the development side of things, they have messed up pretty bad in the past. However, given that they are not responsible for this game on a development level, there is really no reason not to give the game a shot. One, it deserves one, and, two, from what I hear, it works perfectly fine on all platforms. So, gamers, I am asking a favor. Get informed and get this game. You’ll be doing everyone a favor.

Hi all, this is Daniel Hill speaking. I'm a 23-year-old Duquesne Print Journalism/Digital Media Arts graduate whose interest in games turned into something of a long-term career goal. Besides gaming, I love reading, working out (I currently work in personal training at a gym), and recording music every now and again.
  • XavierLeromeLangham

    Thank You!!! i’m getting tired of people just randomly saying this that and the other about the game just because it’s PUBLISHED by Bethesda

    • Exactly! I admit to getting a little vulgar in this article, but seriously, people. Get your facts straight.