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Need For Speed Most Wanted (PS Vita) Review

Alright! Now it’s time to “gear up” for some need for speed (see what I did there). Could it be that there is finally a decent racing game on the Vita? YES! This game is a great addition to anyone’s PS Vita library. Its exhilarating and playing on the go is a treat. That being said, the game isn’t without it’s issues (first issue….It’s made by EA. LOL jk).

The Story- There isn’t really a well thought out story element to the game. It’s more or less a descriptive reasoning of why you’re doing all the races. You want to be the “most wanted” driver on the streets (oh god did it again…ZING!). You need to race, race, race, and yes RACE your way to the top.

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Title:Need For Speed Most Wanted
Genre: Racing
Developer: Criterion Games
Platforms: PS Vita
Price: $39.99
ESRB: Teen
Release Date: October 30, 2012[/toggle_box]


  • Kickin it in the city- This game is completely open world giving you the freedom to do whatever you want; if everything you want involves staying in your car, driving around, jacking other cars, and pissing cops off. It is great to just roam around the city discovering new places to do sweet jumps and jacking every car you come across. This offers the perfect style of gameplay for a portable device.
  • Smooth like butta- Need for Speed Most Wanted looks great! Cars look awesome and so does the city. 
  • You up for a challenge?- This game is not easy by any stretch of the imagination. It’s very difficult at first and it just keeps kicking you in the nuts when you least expect it. Still, it’s the difficulty that caught my attention. I really wanted to get better so I kept playing.
  • CARS!!!- There are quite a few cars to obtain in this game around the city but you can also win them through the most wanted races. These cars are slick. There are rally type cars and sport cars, even some concept cars. There are also some weird clunkers and a Ford truck thrown in. Its still a good selection. 
  • A mirror image- This game has the same content as its console counterpart. If you’re more into racing on the go then I would suggest paying a little less and getting this instead of the console version. 
  • Tackle this together- There is an online multiplayer element to this game. You and a group of friends (I think 12 is the max) can get together and tackle some races. You can even chat through the microphones on the Vita (I think that’s a cool feature).


  •  Let’s all just get along- The cop chases in this game can be ridiculous. They are relentless and if you don’t have a tricked out ride — you’re going to get sauced. Sometimes I would purposely get busted just so I could be free of the fuzz. Getting busted didn’t seem to have any consequences so why not?
  • Crash, Bang, Boom- The wrecks in NFS aren’t spectacular at all. They are frequent and not really impressive. The collisions physics are also nothing to write home about.
  • This song again- I could not find a way to change the music in the game, so if anyone has figured it out, let me know. The music isn’t bad but sometimes you want to listen to something you pick. If you have music saved on your Vita I recommend using it when the soundtrack gets dull.


  • Pimp my ride?- There is no vehicle customization options (in terms of appearance) in this game. You get the car and the closest you come to customizing the appearance is by driving through a paint shop to change your color. You cant choose the color so be prepared to drive through and back through to get something you like.
  • REPEAT- You will do the same races for every car in order to unlock all the technical upgrades for your rides. This gets repetitive really quick if you play for a long time in one sitting. It feels like there’s never anything new. The maps are different but I wish they would have made some element that randomly popped races in your map that didn’t have to do with anything but racing and you’d still get points.


Need For Speed Most Wanted is a great on the go racer that will please any racing fan. Even if you just want to add a racing game to your Vita’s library I would recommend this being it. Go check this out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Graphics: 8
Gamplay: 8
Sound: 7
Story: 5
Replay: 9
Overall: 7.5

Very Good – This game flirts with greatness, but ultimately falls short. Still it’s highly entertaining and worth a look.[/toggle_box]

Hey guys my name is Steven Mari. I'm a 25 year old lifetime gamer. I love games and I love technology. I study at Idaho State University and I work as a Certified Surgical Technologist/Certified First Assistant at our local hospital. When I'm not gaming I work out or go mountain biking. What am I talking about?...I'm always gaming! Feel free to post me your comments good or bad I'm here to listen and get feedback so I can better steer you in the right direction in your future gaming/technology investments...PEACE!
  • Great review Steven, I picked this one up over the console version because it’s portable. The crashes are weak, though. I don’t get it because Burnout had crazy crashes on the PS2, so Criterion should have been able to pull them off on the PS Vita.

    And you change songs with the rear touchpad. Just flick your fingers to the right or left 😉

    • NICE!!! thanks for letting me know. i felt like a total douche not knowing how to change the radio and i was too proud to seek help LOOOL.