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DmC Demo Coming November 20, Angry Impressions Coming Seconds Later

DmC doesn’t come out until next spring, but Capcom is giving fans something to tide them over until then. A demo for Dante’s latest massacre will hit PSN and Xbox Live on November 20 (and on the 21 for everyone in Europe). The demo includes two missions and a boss fight. It also includes a few of the game’s difficulty settings, with “Son of Sparda” mode being unlocked after you complete the demo the first time.

All of this sounds great, but guess what I can’t wait for? The inevitable backlash from the hardcore Devil May Cry fans. Seriously, have you taken a look at one of DmC‘s YouTube videos? The dislikes are astronomical, I’m surprised comments haven’t been disabled yet. Of course that’s the worst case scenario, maybe the demo will finally silence the fanboys critics.

Source: Capcom

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  • I can understand where some of these fanboys are coming from, but I think they’re seriously overreacting. Gamers need to be more open-minded and try the demo first.