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Psycho-Pass Episode 6 Micro-Review

Minor Spoilers Ahead

So far most of Psycho-Pass’ episodes felt random, but this episode puts everything in perspective. The mysterious white haired man makes another appearance and it’s starting to look like he’s the one pulling all of the strings.

Once again more light is shed on Kogami’s past. I enjoyed the flashback scenes, but they didn’t last long enough. We do learn about the case that sent him over the edge, though.  Like all the crimes on this anime, the ones from the cold case were brutal.

The episode randomly jumps to an all girls’ school. I wasn’t sure if this was a flashback for Akane at first, but after a while it became clear that this will be the scene of another crime. Boy was I right; let’s just say the final scene was beyond disturbing (that’s not art).

The plot has hit a sweet spot, it felt a little pointless at first, but everything is starting to make sense. The mystery now is – why is the white haired man helping these weirdoes commit brutal crimes? (Rating: 8/10)

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