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Dexter ‘Argentina’ Review

‘Argentina’ is slower than most episodes of Dexter this season, but it still packs a few surprises. The writing can be heavy-handed at times, though. One pivotal scene at the end basically tells us what’s about to happen, but it goes over Dexter’s head. ‘Argentina’ is a stopgap, albeit a good stopgap, but one nevertheless.

Well, it looks like we have a love triangle on our hands. Dexter thinks he loves Hannah, and Debra does the unthinkable and confesses her love for her adopted brother. This is one storyline that I thought the writers had abandoned — talk about awkward. At least Dexter acted realistically; he was kind of creeped out.

Isaac is this close to losing everything, but he’s still going after Dexter. The scene with him shooting at Dexter during a donut run made me hate this storyline even more. It’s beyond ridiculous – so it’s come to this? After seven seasons the best the writers could come up with was a drive by? What is this, a 1990’s gangster rap song?

One of my predictions was wrong – Aster, Cody, and Harrison haven’t gone forgotten. I was sure we’d never see the kids again, but they’re back for an extended cameo. Like always Aster is acting out and Dexter gives her some fatherly advice. These scenes felt like they were there just to remind us that Dexter has a family.

Elsewhere on this episode we see LaGuerta on Dexter’s trail, Quinn getting blackmailed, and Batista opens a restaurant. There’s an ominous wind in the air, everyone is headed in different directions and you can tell the end of the series is quickly approaching.

The last scene between Dexter and Isaac confirmed what everyone saw coming. Isaac is going to go after Hannah, a lover for a lover. But Dexter just sat there and listened to Isaac’s monologue, never putting two and two together. The previews for next week’s episode confirmed Isaac’s plans and I’m not looking forward to a ‘damsel in distress’ storyline.

Overall ‘Argentina’ was a good episode (thanks to Debra’s confession mostly, Jennifer Carpenter nailed that scene) , but it’s obvious that Dexter is past his prime. The show is still enjoyable, but the writing feels lazy. Hopefully the kidnapped Hannah situation is one elaborate trick and the plot does a 180. Yeah, I doubt it too. (Rating: 7/10)

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