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Tank! Tank! Tank! Review

Tank! Tank! Tank! is a Wii U launch title that hasn’t received a ton of media attention. It’s based on a Japanese arcade game by the same name. I walked into this with comically low expectations, maybe it had something to do with this bizarre video. Whatever the reason — I didn’t expect much coming in. So, how did things turn out?

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Title: Tank! Tank! Tank!
Genre: Action/Party
Developer: Namco
Platform: Wii U
Price: $49.99
ESRB: E-10
Release Date: 11/18/12[/toggle_box]


  • Simple FunTank! Tank! Tank! is a simple game, you control a tank and your job is — destroy everything that crosses your path. This means you’ll be blowing up large mechanical animals in single player and other tanks in multiplayer. Controlling your tank is, you guessed it — simple. All you have to do is move around with the d-pad or analog stick and fire with the A button (the game uses auto aim). And there are power-ups scattered across the stages, pick one up and use it.
  • Addictive – For some reason all of this is addicting, the game basically consists of you driving around and spamming the A button, but I found it hard to put down.
  • Multiplayer Mayhem – There are four modes, monster battle, free-for-all, team versus, and my kong. Most of them are self-explanatory with the exception of my kong, in this mode you’re a big gorilla and you have to destroy the tanks. All of the modes lead to some frantic sessions and they support up to four players.
  • Mug Shot – This game takes advantage of the Wii U’s camera to put your face above your tank. Just take a picture and in multiplayer when you kill someone they see your face. It’s something we’ve seen done in games before, but the wacky frames make it a welcomed addition.
  • Upgrade Your Tanks – There are 20 tanks to unlock and you get them by beating missions in the single player mode and earning coins. You can also level up your tanks, the stats are pretty basic, but it adds a minor RPG element to the game.


  • Maybe Too Simple – Things start to get boring once you realize the game may be too simple. All of the new tanks are welcomed, but you’re essentially just doing the same thing over and over.
  • Grinding – Eventually you’ll reach a point where you don’t have enough coins to unlock a stage. At this point you have to go back and replay earlier ones with a new tank to earn some coins. This is the very definition of padding and it’s annoying. The single player isn’t long and this is just a cheap way to drag it out.


  • No Online Multiplayer – The multiplayer is fun, but it’s local play only. This is a major blow because a game like this would have been perfect online.
  • Too Expensive? – Coming in at $49.99 Tank! Tank! Tank! feels a tad bit too expensive. Actually it feels way too expensive — $19.99 would have been a more acceptable price. This game is fun, but it feels like it belongs on the eShop instead of on store shelves.


Tank! Tank! Tank! has some problems, but it’s mindlessly fun. So does that mean I think you should head to your nearest gaming retailer and pick up a copy? No, the $50 price-tag and lack of online multiplayer makes this hard to recommend. Okay, I’m willing to forgive the lack of online multiplayer — but the price is far too high. Do yourself a favor and wait for a price drop.

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Gameplay: 6.5
Graphics: 6
Story: N/A
Sound: 6
Replay Value: 7
Overall: 6.5

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