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Dreaming Up the Perfect Gravity Rush Sequel


Gravity Rush is one of my favorite games of 2012, but it feels like a prologue to something greater. You’re introduced to an intriguing world, but it’s never fully fleshed out. This game was built with a sequel in mind. Here are a few features that would make part II twice as good as its predecessor. Fair warning – this post has Gravity Rush spoilers.


Gameplay Tweaks:

  • Playable Raven – Raven & Kat have the same abilities so making her a playable character shouldn’t be too hard. Raven is off doing her thing for most of the game, it would be nice to see what she was up to. The sequel should have two campaigns (one for each character). Okay that may be taking things a little too far — just give us some Raven only missions.
  • Lock On – I didn’t have a problem with the lack of lock-on, but it was a complaint brought up by basically everyone who reviewed the game.
  • Greater Enemy Variety – I got tired of fighting endless waves of Navi, give us some more human enemies.
  • More Puzzles – One of my favorite sections in Gravity Rush is when Kat is stripped of her gravity shifting powers and you have to use these ‘portal things’ to fly to different parts of the level. There’s no combat in this section, it’s all gravity puzzles. I’d like to see more of this; it was a nice change of pace.
  • Difficulty Levels – My second playthrough of Gravity Rush was a joke – I didn’t die once. Once you master the controls, the game becomes a walk in the park. Difficulty levels are a must.


Open World Optimization:

  • Mini-Games/Jobs – How does Kat put food on the table? Jobs in the form of mini-games would give the player more things to do. Plus it would give Kat money, and with that money she could buy new outfits, decorations for her apartment, etc.
  • Side MissionsGravity Rush doesn’t have any side missions when you really think about it. Races and random battles don’t count. Some like the ones found in the DLC packs would be a welcomed edition.
  • Give Players a Reason to Walk Around – I decided to make Kat walk around Hekseville (after beating the game a few times). The city is huge, and most of it went to waste since you spend most of your time in the air. Give players more on foot missions and incentives to explore the city.



  • Answers – Like I said at the beginning of this article, Gravity Rush feels like a prologue to something greater. All of these questions are brought up and none of them are answered. I didn’t notice this in the Japanese version for obvious reasons, but once I played the English version I realized that the story was extremely vague.
  • Kat’s Kingdom – When you look at the Hekseville map there’s a giant question mark in the middle. It’s the world pillar and we never get to travel up it. We know Kat’s Kingdom is somewhere at the top, but it would have been nice to fly up there.
  • Rumors, Rumors, More Rumors – I loved all the rumors; they were a nice way to find out more about Hekseville. Plus they did a good job at foreshadowing some of the game’s events. So yeah — give us more juicy gossip.


This was just a quick sequel wish list, I’m sure I forgot something. Anyway, what do you want to see in a Gravity Rush sequel? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Treshin

    I think the lack of lock-on made combat challengeing. If they added it in I think it would make the fighting way to easy. Personally I think they should utilize the back touch screen if they make a sequal but other than how vague the story was I loved everything about it.

  • bonezai

    most creative game! no hardware gimmicks required

  • HarryMasonHerpDerp

    Gravity Rush is one of my favourite games ever!
    This is a nice list and I agree with all of your ideas.
    Lets hope the next game gets some more recognition and sales.

    • I think it will get more attention. Especially if they polish it up. I see it doing what Uncharted 2 did for the Uncharted franchise. Take everything from the first game and make it 5x better.

  • Yeah, I’d definitely love a sequel. For a new IP on a new system, the game was incredibly well-made, it just feels like it was a tad bit rushed in some areas (mainly the story), perhaps for budget/time reasons. I think they could do an even better job if they took this and ran with it.

    Anyway, Instead of “difficulty levels”, I think it’d be better for them to instead put more thought into challenging the player to think critically and play skillfully. For example, I wouldn’t mind SOME consequence in terms of HP loss for making Kat fall on her face from 2 miles above ground. Like you said, the enemies could use a lot more variety in terms of how you defeat them, like a foe that can only be defeated by hurling his own projectiles back at him using the stasis field or something. Ya know what I mean?

    Some more thought should be put into the upgrade system, if they choose to implement that again. After upgrading your gravity-shifting gauge enough, you can pretty much fly forever since it only takes 2 seconds to recharge. Upgrading health also pretty much leads to immortality, since there are always so many restoratives lying around.

    • Those are great suggestions. I know by the end of the game I could fly around the city from district to district without ever touching the ground. Same with the health upgrade, that’s probably why I didn’t die.

      The Japanese version was significantly more challenging for me because I didn’t realize you could upgrade your abilities until halfway through the game! I was getting my ass handed to me and then I started messing around in the menus.

      Next thing you know I’m upgrading everything and the game became really easy. But mastering the controls also helped, the learning curve is a little steep at first.

  • XavierLeromeLangham

    make sure it’s at least on the ps3 and while you’re at it bring the original to the ps3

    • Gotta give people a reason to buy a PS Vita 😉

      • XavierLeromeLangham

        T-T i know but i can’t help but want to play it on my ps3

  • starman480

    I think they should make a Gravity Rush MMO! Everyone would be able to customize their own character and have their own gravity shifting pet (more choices than a cat and a crow). The world could be massive, with multiple pillars to explore rather than the original Heskeville (which should still be included). This would give the developers a chance to expand their vauge story and make it into something epic. This game would definitley scratch the itch that fans had when they left the first Gravity Rush, and would be overall amazing.

  • One of the top 5 five best games I have ever played, if there is a sequel i will buy a vita again (sold mine because didnt like any new games except for persona).