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Power Rangers Super Samurai (Kinect) Review


Growing up, I wasn’t a huge Power Rangers fan, but I’d casually watch the show from time to time. It was entertaining — for all the wrong reasons. Even as a child, I found the show’s production values appalling. I’d say, “Come on, that’s clearly two guys in costumes fighting over a cardboard city!” Sigh, those were the days. Oh yeah – here’s a review for Power Rangers Super Samurai.

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Title: Power Rangers Super Samurai
Genre: Action/Fighting
Developer: Namco
Platforms: Xbox 360
Price: $39.99
ESRB: Teen
Release Date: 12/04/12[/toggle_box]



  • Game Modes – Ranger, Training, and Collection. Ranger is an on-rails fighting mode where you pick your favorite Power Ranger, fight waves of enemies, and you and your ranger buddies eventually get to battle a stage boss with your trusty Megazord. Training is like a dancing game, the rangers tell you to kick, punch, and side step to the beat. It’s weird, but it capitalizes on the dancing game craze that is sweeping the nation. The last mode is collection, and it’s pretty self-explanatory.
  • Unintentionally Hilarious – Bosses blow up when they’re defeated, and then your Power Ranger faces the camera and makes a cheesy pose. I couldn’t help but laugh every time this happened. Plus that music – go, go, Power Rangers!



  • Combat is Tedious – Combat is tedious, eventually you realize that you’re just kicking and punching air. It’s physically tiring and not a lot of fun. Who knew reliving childhood fantasies could be this monotonous?
  • Enemies Run Past You – I found this really weird, where are they going? Calling the AI dumb would be an understatement.



  • Unresponsive Motion Controls -The biggest problem with Power Rangers Super Samurai probably won’t come as much of a surprise to you. The motion controls are unresponsive 70% of the time. Kicking and punching is simple, but finishing moves were difficult to do. The on-screen instructions didn’t make them clear enough.
  • Unresponsive Motion Controls Part II -Megazord battles are a nightmare; you have to dodge your enemies’ attacks, but 80% of the time the game won’t respond to your moves. So you have to wait for them to get close to you and then attack them. Eventually frustration will kick in and you’ll turn the game off.
  • Alienates its Target Audience –Kids will be able to overlook the poor controls, but first they have to convince their parents to buy Power Rangers Super Samurai. The game has a Teen rating thanks to all the violence. Maybe Namco should have toned things down a bit, enough for an E-10 rating.

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Like many Kinect games that came before it, Power Rangers Super Samurai’s shoddy motion controls will test your patience. Young kids may enjoy it thanks to its over the top nature, but adults will quickly realize that this isn’t worth their time, or sweat.

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Overall: 5

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  • Visually, it looks pretty good for a Power Rangers game! Sadly, with poor controls I guess most of us won’t take it seriously. Come to think of it, why is it the controls always suck for most of the kids games? It’s like the developers themselves didn’t even try. Just because children are the target audience, that shouldn’t mean anything lol.