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The Vapor List: These Games Missed 2012… Will Probably Miss 2013 Too

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Official Gameplay Trailer - YouTube

Sigh, another year passes, the hype has died down, all hope is lost, and gamers everywhere are starting to come to grips with reality — these games may never come out. Join us for a depressing look back at the games that still refuse to return our calls, they ignored us in 2012 and they’ll probably do the same in 2013.

half life 3

Half Life 2: Episode 3 – Valve is keeping quiet when it comes to Half-Life, but Gabe did let it slip that they’re working on a new engine. It’s safe to assume that this engine will power the next entry in the Half-Life franchise. The odds of this happening in 2013 are slim, though. Unless Valve releases it without warning, but then the Internet would literally implode.

Beyond Good & Evil 2BG&E 2 was delayed until the next console generation, but according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot Rayman Legends is slowing down its development. Now Rayman Legends is an amazing game (download the demo if you own a Wii U), but shouldn’t Michel Ancel and his team finish what they started before moving on to new projects? It sounds like this isn’t high on Ubisoft’s list of priorities. Gotta give the fans more Assassins Creed and Just Dance!

The Last Guardian – After a few false alarms, Sony has decided to stay mum when it comes to a release date for The Last Guardian. All we know is it’s still in development and that some of Sony’s western studios are lending a helping hand to Team ICO. Let’s hope that they finally get their act together and it releases sometime next year. Ah, if only dreams came true…

Final Fantasy Versus XIII – Final Fantasy Versus XIII isn’t canceled, but that’s all we know. Square Enix’s hands are full with mediocre looking FXIII spin-offs and Kingdom Hearts remakes. Final Fantasy Versus XIII will probably be rebranded and pushed out sometime after 2013. At that point it will be ripped apart by critics and gamers alike. “We waited 8 years – for this!!!” Super long delays lead to unrealistic expectations.

Agent ps3

Agent – We know next to nothing about Agent, the last official comment on the game came from Take Two’s CEO and it was “We haven’t announced anything about that title.” It’s hard to get hyped for something so shrouded in mystery (this isn’t uncommon for Rockstar, but Agent takes it to the next level). If it does come out it probably won’t be a PS3 exclusive. Out of all the games on this list Agent is the most deserving of the vaporware title.

Tell us — are you still looking forward to these games, or did you stop caring ages ago?

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  • I’m still baffled as to why some of these games are being delayed. Is it because of legal feuds? Or internal corporate issues? Or are the developers just running out of ideas?

    My concern is that developers are trying too hard to push out too many games. It’s like quantity over quality nowadays. Furthermore, they release teasers of projects way too early. I understand how important it is to build hype, but that means you have to pull through with it, or worse case scenario be honest with the public if things don’t work out. Otherwise, you lose momentum and ultimately the faith of the fans.

    • I think they just announce them before they go into production. They’re so obsessed with hype, they want to get people talking. So they release pre-rendered trailers and then scrambled build a real game.

      With Versus I think SE wanted to have it out around the same time as XIII, but quickly realized that would be a bad idea. Still, they could have put it out after XIII shipped instead of giving us XIII-2.

  • To answer your question, I stopped caring ages ago.

    There are too many great games coming out these days for me to waste time yearning of ones that hardly exist or have “been in development” for nearly a decade. At this point, it might be better if these games DIDN’T come out. When you let so much hype and excitement build up over a title and then fade away, it becomes impossible for that game to impress or please ANYONE.

    Like I said, it’s not like there’s some shortage of amazing or promising titles out there, so I think it’s best that we just shift our attention away from these.

  • Camara Wilson

    4/5 of those games will not be released and were just pitches for logos and trailers

    • Out of curiosity, which one is getting released? 😀

      • Camara Wilson

        Half life 2 ep 3…prob the only game that will make a splash in next gen

  • Master Blaster

    And most of those vapourware titles belong to the Sony PS3. Sony just announce titles without any backup to make their E3 listings impressive. Overhype and underdeliver all the way.

    • The Last Guardian is the only true PS3 game, Agent and FF Versus XIII aren’t coming out because Rockstar and Square Enix. Those two games are out of Sony’s control, even if they do turn out being PS3 exclusives (which I doubt at this point).