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Sony Will Show Us the ‘Future’ on February 20th

Sony just posted this teaser on the official PlayStation Blog. They’re going to reveal something on February 20th. Will it be the PS4? Let’s not get our hopes up — that would send gamers everywhere in to a frenzy. Still, what do you think, will we see an early PS4 announcement?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  • I hope so. I’d rather hear more info about the PS4 as opposed to another online-based service that I’m probably not going to take advantage of (sadly enough). I guess I just care more about games when it comes to consoles instead of the extra home theater features that some people tend to go crazy about lol.

    Now, seriously, if they did release info about PS4 I’m almost positive that will force Microsoft its hand to do the same about their next-gen console, assuming Microsoft hasn’t already done so. Lol it’s fun watching these two corporate giants go at it. XD

  • Camara Wilson

    Somehow I think we’ll be trolled, call me a skeptic

  • Kaizin514

    “Let’s not give our hopes up” but let’s also be direct as well. The “future” at this point could really only direct at a few things with the biggest being the PS4. I mean, c’mon, the future of what? I don’t feel this future would be specific to a franchise considering usually it is the developer, not big time Sony, that teases like this.

    Well, they already launched the new PS Store so it cannot be the future of their store. Maybe a re-doing of Playstation Network? I feel that aside from a console announcement, that may be the most logical thing to me. What better way of showing the “future” than by announcing that they are doing a complete restructure of how PS Network is handled.

    I think Edgar is right. If Sony does release some of the info regarding PS4, then it will force Microsoft and hell, maybe even Nintendo into a corner. Each company will need to do something, and waiting until E3 may not be the best option. If Sony announces next month, then they can skip a lot of the announcement-type bullshit of E3 and focus on games and content over specs and services. Either way, I feel Sony fans will definitely benefit from what Sony has to offer on the 20th, in some way.

    Oh, and I hope Camara is wrong and we aren’t trolled. That would make me a sad Panda, lol.