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Reddit User Gives Away $39,302 Worth of Xbox Live Codes


A poorly written article entitled, “Let’s Be Honest, Xbox Live Gold Has Become a Huge Ripoff” was trending on Reddit yesterday. Well, a user by the name of Redhook saw the post and decided to give away $39,302 of Xbox Live Gold codes.

Reddit user illeulv summed up the madness:

Update for you or anyone else who might wonder: You have posted 1,975 codes now. That equals 493.75 years worth of Xbox Live Gold at a regular price of $39,302.5.

The codes were removed, but a few lucky users confirmed their authenticity. So was this Microsoft’s way to silence its critics or just some random user with tons of money? I have no idea, but I’m leaning towards Microsoft. You can see some of the used codes below.

hIdaItV (1)

That “Let’s Be Honest, Xbox Live Gold Has Become a Huge Ripoff” article was pretty popular. I should know – I wrote it. We’ve gotten over 50,000 views from that article in the past two days. So it’s certainly possible that someone from Microsoft saw it and wanted to end the discussion. Still, it’s hard to believe that I’m partly responsible for this little incident.

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  • XavierLeromeLangham

    lol the power of word

  • I doubt this incident ended the discussion, or silenced the critics, as I’m sure there are more than 2000 people out there who want this changed. When they “microsoft” unlocks the features that are free on other platforms, then and only then will this end.