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Razer DeathAdder 2013 Review

DeathAdder GR 5

Razer is back with an update to their most popular mouse, the DeathAdder. They felt that the design was virtually perfect, so how could they make it better? Simple, they kill the Batman. No, not really, what they did was update the interior hardware and added the DeathAdder 2013 to their Synapse 2.0 management system. By doing this, Synapse can keep your device firmware up to date and it allows the user to calibrate the mouse based on Razer’s various mousepads or even just the generic mousepad.

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Title: DeathAdder 2013
Company: Razer
Platforms: PC
Price: $69.99
Release Date: Available Now [/toggle_box]

DeathAdder GR 3

I have had this mouse for one week and I love it just as much, if not more, than my Razer Lachesis 5600. The new thumb grip is much nicer to rest on when in the middle of a firefight in Battlefield or when ganking your opponents in League of Legends. The improved ultraslick mouse feet just glide across my mousepad and oh man, I love the smoothness of it all. While I do not own a Razer mousepad, I did do the calibrations for my Steelseries Diablo mousepad and it works quite nicely. Synapse 2.0 is Razer’s go-to for hardware macros and updates. It is easy to use, navigate, and set up macros for their various mice and keyboards.

DeathAdder GR 4

From the visual perspective, the mouse is very nice to look at. The ergonomic design is appealing like most gaming mice but with Razer, you get that nice glowing middle button and palm rest. There are five buttons on the mouse itself: left and right click, middle click (scroll wheel), and then the top and bottom thumb buttons for added functionality in games like Battlefield. The sensor in the mouse is a 6400dpi 4G Optical Sensor, so when you calibrate and adjust sensitivity, you have a very large range to work with and that is crucial in first person shooters and anything requiring quick reflexes. Of course, I don’t run it to the max, but I like to run my sensitivity at a nice 1800dpi and I love it.

DeathAdder GR 1

Added bonus includes Razer’s 7ft braided fiber cable with a gold plated USB connector. With this, the user does not have to worry about getting it all tangled up and the gold plating allows the mouse to have a response time of ~1ms, which is very good for gaming. The buttons are also “hyper-response” buttons, which basically means you don’t have to put much force on it at all to achieve the actual click. In comparison to my Lachesis, this was the biggest difference. I had so many issues trying to accommodate to a new play style with this mouse, but now that I am used to it, I feel that I am enjoying the experience a little more.

All in all, if you are a gamer, I would wholeheartedly recommend this mouse. It is smooth on most, if not all surfaces, and it is quick. You have this pinpoint precision and it fits the hand beautifully. This mouse has replaced my Lachesis and I did not think that would ever happen.

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Feel: 8
Response: 10
Aesthetics: 8.5
Software: 8.5
Overall: 9

The Razer DeathAdder once again proves why it is the mouse of the pros. It feels great, has great response times, and it is a wonder to look at. I would recommend this as a first mouse for gamers or even a new mouse for experienced PC gamers who like a good mouse. [/toggle_box]

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  • Thanks for the review, Bryan.

    I’ve always thought Razer products were pretty good, so I’m not surprised to see you satisfied with this mouse. I personally have a Mad Catz RAT 7 Cyborg but it’s still working fine so I won’t be changing mine anytime soon, though I’ll be sure to grab a Razer mouse the next time I do a major upgrade to my PC. Who knows, maybe Razer will release a new edition of the DeathAdder by then.