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OreImo Season 2 Episode 3 Micro-Review

[HorribleSubs] Oreimo S2 - 03 [720p]_Apr 21, 2013 1.09.07 PM

Minor Spoilers Ahead

Finally, Saori’s true identity is revealed. This is something that bothered me about the first season. We knew something was up with Saori, but her backstory was never explained. Well, all of that changed on this episode.

This was a nice origin story. The explanation behind Saori’s persona was actually believable. Beneath the glasses and flannel shirt she’s just a girl who wants friends. Her sister is self-centered, but she actually helped her in the end. If it weren’t for her Saori would’ve never got out there and made friends of her own. (Rating: 8/10)

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  • I was pleasantly surprised with this episode. We briefly caught a glimpse of Saori’s true persona in the first season, but even then we could only guess whether it was her or someone else since the face wasn’t totally shown. This episode pretty much cleared all doubts. I actually didn’t expect Saori to be terribly shy, though. I just thought she was more of a reserved noble type, guess I was wrong lol.

    • Same here, I was expecting her to be shy either. she just seemed like someone who liked to play dress up and kind of mischievous lol