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Beloved Indie Developer Phil Fish’s Fez #1 on Steam, Thanks His Adoring Fans the Only Way He Knows How


We all know that outspoken Fez creator Phil Fish is oftentimes misunderstood, but boy does he have customer relation skills!

When Fish’s breakout game was released on the Xbox 360, PC gamers began to wonder, “when will I be able to play it?” A valid question, and one asked by a fan to Fish himself over Twitter. The response was less than optimistic.

Well, it seems years later that Fish has finally seen the potential of the PC platform and now plans to release Fez for all his adoring fans, but not before being misunderstood yet again, the poor guy!

After reports of the port running awful on PC hardware, Steam users began talks of boycotting the game from the Steam Store until it was polished (sightings of the Xbox 360 controller being in place of the keyboard in on-screen tutorials have been reported). Despite the issues, Fez pre-orders leapfrogged the game to the #1 spot on the Steam sales list. Seeing this as a victory, Fish decided to post in the official Steam forums to thank all his loyal fans who helped him get to the top, saying, “it’s #1 on steam right now and it’s not even out yet. [Y]ou should boycott harder, nerds.”

Oh, Phil, your words are like poetry. Please, never change. Fez will be released on Steam May 1, 2013.

SourceDestructoid, Official Steam Forums

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