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Bayonetta 2 Preview: Justifying My Wii U Purchase


I went straight for the Bayonetta 2 kiosk as soon as I walked into Nintendo’s E3 2013 booth. The first one is easily one of my favorite games from the last console generation (yes, next-gen is no longer next-gen). So without further ado – here are my Bayonetta 2 impressions.

The demo had three sections. It started with a fight on a jet, and then it moved to a train, and ended with a highflying boss battle. The game’s E3 2013 trailer is essentially a highlight reel.

The game can be played two ways, with buttons or by swiping and poking the touchscreen. I snarled at the touchscreen controls and went with the more traditional method.

There were tutorials, but I didn’t need them. It controls just like its predecessor. The combat is as fluid as ever. Although, I hope it can be played with the Wii U’s Pro Controller. The gamepad is a little too bulky for action games — Bayonetta’s frantic gameplay feels better on a normal controller.

The first game had some epic set pieces, but the ones in the demo were even better. The jet sequence was an absolute blast. Flying through the city on a runaway jet while fighting angels was exhilarating. I wanted to stop and admire the scenery. You know – take it all in. But I couldn’t because there was a never-ending barrage of enemies.

The demo ended with a crazy boss battle in the skylines. I enjoyed this section, but it was basically on rails. It looks great, but all you have to do is attack. Bayonetta’s movements are severely limited here.


Besides that I loved everything about the demo.

Wait, that’s not true – I don’t like the short hair. But that’s just a preference; I like women with medium or long hair.

I’m glad that this is coming exclusively to the Wii U because it gives me a reason to keep the console. I’m a huge fan of Platinum Games so I’m buying this, and The Wonderful 101 as soon as they come out.

Before I go I have to say one thing. I hope Nintendo brings the first game to the Wii U too. I watched five people play the demo, and the lady at the kiosk asked everyone the same question, “Did you play the first one?” Four of those people said, “Nope!” This needs to change, seriously.

Do you have any questions or comments? Let me know in the replies.

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  • XavierLeromeLangham

    personally if you want to buy it no justification is needed and if one game is all it takes then so be it

  • XavierLeromeLangham

    although i do have one question will you be getting SSB for the wii u, 3ds, or both?

    • Probably both. I hope Nintendo does a two-for-one deal if you buy the Wii U version. Like Sony did with All-Stars 🙂

  • It hurts because I feel betrayed (right, whatever, call me out on it if you want lol), but I’m no longer going to use a single game as a justification for buying an entire console. Did that a couple of times in the past… not happening again.

    • Ha-ha, out of curiosity, when did you do that? What game made you buy a console?