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Checking Out Bethesda’s E3 2013 Booth


There wasn’t much to see at Bethesda’s E3 2013 booth. Everyone wanted a Fallout announcement, but no such thing happened. Actually, they were only showing off three games. Here are a few quick impressions.

The Evil Within – Are you desperate for a new survival horror game? Well, you’ll love The Evil Within. Bethesda showed some gameplay behind closed doors and you must conserve your ammo, hide from certain monsters, and fight off hallucinations. It looks like it’ll have a few “mind fuck” moments.


Wolfenstein: New Order – This hands-off demo didn’t start off in a generic first person shooter fashion. The protagonist was a waiter and he had to serve one of the game’s antagonists (a cougar and her boy toy). It was a great moment because it was unexpected. The scene was tense, oppressive, and it made me want to take a cold shower.

After that they showed some gameplay. The gameplay looked solid, but the guns stole the show. There were a ton of them. They must have shown off at least eight guns. One could cut through fences and open up new areas while others just brought the pain.


Elder Scrolls Online –This was Bethesda’s only playable game at the event. It’s been in beta for a while so some of you may have already played it. I went hands on with the PC version and I was impressed because — wait for it — it felt like an Elder Scrolls game.

I didn’t even interact with the other players. I just walked into a town, accepted a quest, went into the woods to kill some monsters, and then went for a swim. The first person mode wasn’t in the version I played, but Bethesda said that it’s up and running at the studio.

Elder Scrolls Online wasn’t on my radar, but now I’m looking forward to the Xbox One and PS4 version.

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  • Kaizin514

    Played ES:O last weekend and didn’t do a post cuz I am under NDA. Hopefully this isn’t too revealing but First Person was available in the recent beta build and yes, it felt like Elder Scrolls. Other than that, I do not want to say anything about it.