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The Xbox One No Longer Requires Daily Online Checks, Used Game Policy Also Revised


I was writing an article entitled, “Prediction: Microsoft Will Remove the Xbox One’s Controversial Features”. But it’s in the trash — Microsoft just shocked the gaming community and backtracked on the Xbox One’s used game policy. The console will now handle used games just like the Xbox 360. This means you can sell them to anyone, let friends borrow them, and say goodbye to daily online checks. In other news — the console is region free. This should make all you importers happy.

This is a huge victory for gamers. Fuck everyone who called us entitled.  Microsoft saw those preorder numbers and changed their tune.

Source: Xbox Wire

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  • XavierLeromeLangham

    now i know i been missing for a minute mainly because i write for this other site but when this news broke i had to come see what you had to say about this cause man it shocked the hell out of me

    • Thanks for stopping by. I actually called this a few days ago on Twitter, but I thought it would happen a year or two after the XO came out lol

  • Kaizin514

    Told you… you screw with the consumer and the consumer will screw you right back. Damn right they are removing the DRM. Now, only to give us a non-Kinect option and price it at $400, but ha ha, good luck with that. But, is it too little too late? Possibly. Just because they removed it does not mean they won’t re-add it down the line when people calm down about it. Being forced with Kinect and the $100 higher price point will still turn many people off. I think Microsoft is now in a better position because of this new move but I do NOT think it will be a saving grace. They will still likely take the hit because people know now how Microsoft functions. Plus, still gotta remember, money speaks wonders. When a parent or other purchaser sees that the other new console is $100 cheaper, they will be more inclined to pay for that one instead.

    • XavierLeromeLangham

      and all the core gamers will remember this lil stunt microsoft pulled


    Weak sauce