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Kill la Kill Episode 3-4 Micro-Review

[HorribleSubs] Kill la Kill - 03 [1080p]_Oct 27, 2013 8.32.29 AM

Kill la Kill started off great, but the second episode couldn’t match the first one’s intensity. Episode 3 didn’t fall into this trap – it was like a runaway train. Once it started to pick up speed there was no stopping it.

I wasn’t expecting an epic battle so early on. It was almost overwhelming. There wasn’t enough build-up and I found myself saying, “Why so sudden?” Still, I enjoyed every minute of it.

The fourth episode switched gears by focusing on comedy. It was a great one-off episode. I loved everything about this one, but the “Pseudo-homeroom” part had me on the floor. Talk about denial.

Overall I loved both episodes, but the animation is seriously lacking. I know the series is supposed to be simplistic, but a few scenes were just downright ugly. (Rating: 8/10)

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