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My Turbulent First Month with the PS4

Killzone Shadow Fall

The PS4 is breaking sales records, and it’s clear that Sony has a winner on their hands. But this article isn’t about sales or the PS4’s future. It’s about my first month with the console. It was filled with excitement, regret, longing, anger, confusion, and a torrent of other emotions.

First off – I love my PS4. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware, the OS is simple and elegant, and the Share button is a revolutionary feature (seriously). I adore the hardware, but tech specs will only get you so far. But it’s all about the games, and this is why I haven’t enjoyed my first month with Sony’s latest console.

Knack is solid, and Resogun is amazing, but Killzone Shadow Fall does nothing for me. It’s like a hot girl/guy with no personality. Good for a quick fling, but you don’t want to commit to this person. There are third-party games — I know — but they’re just more of the same. I didn’t buy a PS4 for Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, or Need For Speed. Those games are available on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


My first week with the PS4 was exciting, but now I only turn it on for Live from PlayStation (this may be the PS4’s killer app). It reminds me of the Wii U circa 2012 – I spent most of my time on Miiverse because I hated the launch line-up. Now the Wii U has a decent software line-up, and the PS4 will have a good one in a year.

I’m still bitter about the Drive Club and Watch_Dogs delay. I know – they weren’t ready. But those were my must have PS4 games. Sure, one of them is also coming to the PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the PC, but we all know that the PS4 version is the “definitive” version. Okay, that may or may not be true, but my mind was made up – I wanted the PS4 version.

The lack of worthwhile PS4 launch games made me resent my PS3. Why does the Xbox One have more exclusives (at launch) than the PS4? Sony owns more studios than Microsoft. The answer is simple – Microsoft moved some of its Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One, and put the Xbox 360’s first party line-up on life support. Ryse: Son of Rome started off as an Xbox 360 game. The same is true for Crimson Dragon, and Dead Rising 3 was originally planned for the Xbox 360, but it was never actually in development for the console.


Back on topic – I’m starting to resent my PS3 because games like The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, Puppeteer, and Gran Turismo 6 should’ve been PS4 launch titles. Ultimately, Sony’s commitment to the PS3 is what held the PS4’s launch line-up back.

Can you name 5 high-profile Xbox 360 exclusives that came out this year? Probably not – and that’s why the Xbox One has a better launch line-up than the PS4. Because Microsoft basically pulled Xbox 360 support after Gears of War Judgment, meanwhile Sony released some of their best games this year.

I admire Sony’s dedication to the PS3, but they should’ve saved some of those great games for the PS4’s launch. In conclusion — my first month with the PS4 was underwhelming because I had nothing to play after beating Knack. The Xbox One doesn’t have the best launch line-up around, but it’s above average when compared to the PS4’s (I’m currently addicted to Peggle 2, Forza 5, Powerstar Golf, Killer Instinct, and Dead Rising 3).

None of this matters, though. We have a long road ahead of us. 2014 will be a big year for the PS4, and things will just keep getting better. Sony doesn’t sprint — they run marathons.

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  • XavierLeromeLangham

    i know this feel man but it gets better

  • Kaizin514

    Yea, though I do not own an Xbox (yet), I can say that the one game it has in replay value is… Dead Rising. Sony didn’t really release anything with that kind of “go to” replay value. I think they banked on the F2P games but honestly a F2P game is still free and it really takes spending to get good. I still love the PS4 though and play almost every night. But it is slowly getting old just like the PS3 did, damn WD and DC for being delayed. I want an Xbox One now…. 🙁

  • robtion

    Great article and I agree 100 Percent.

    Imaging if The Last of Us was a ps4 launch game. The graphics would have been even more immersive and it would have been the most amazing launch title of all time.

    The ps4 is a great machine and will be good in the future but right now it sucks. There are no games and I have gone back to playing my ps3.