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Ys: Memories of Celceta Review


Finally another chapter to the Ys series comes to the states. Ys: Memories of Celceta is what all action RPG fans have been waiting for. This game has been my favorite game on the PS Vita to date. It is absolutely amazing and you should stop reading this review and just go buy it now….then come back and read the review and tell me what you thought.


The Story- Classic adventure story as on the Ys series can bring us. This time there is a bit of a twist in the beginning. Our fire headed hero has a touch of amnesia and cant seem to remember any events leading to his arrival in Canaan. The plot snowballs from there and I am confident you’ll find the ride to the end amusing and not easily forgotten.

Game Details

Title: Ys: Memories of Celceta
Genre: RPG
Developer: Nihon Falcom Corporation
Platform: PS Vita
Price: $39.99
ESRB: Teen
Release Date: 11/26/13



  • FIGHT!!!- The fast paced combat and combat elements of Ys: SEVEN are back with a few added bonuses. The biggest changes deal with the new defensive mechanics. The first is a special dodge move. When done at the proper time dodging will net the player super speed and render the opponent in slow motion for a brief moment. The second addition is a block mechanic. Blocking will allow your character to take less damage and if it is timed right it will boost critical hit rate and add a significant amount of SP points to your bar (SP powers your special skills).


  • Every bit as EPIC- The adventure Adol and his friends embark on is every bit as epic as its predecessors. This game series knows how to unfold adventures and make you feel like a part of the world you inhabit. I enjoyed every minute of my journey in Celceta.
  • Back in Business- Crafting is back and there are a ton of things to collect and modify in this game. No longer are your weapons and armors stale; they are now upgradable with a variety of crafting agents and many different stats to upgrade. Crafting is fun and easy and adds an addicting challenge to max out certain items or craft others.
  • THEY LISTENED- The side quest system in this game is finally up to par. The quests are very doable and easy to keep track of. Just make sure you do them quickly as they may disappear if not done when able.



  • Where’s Dogi?- The part of the brutish friend is not played by Dogi this time around and although the substituted Duren character is a fine addition I still missed the old dynamic duo.


  • Where are my cutscenes!?- I’m still waiting for some anime cutscenes and I’ll be waiting even longer now. Its not a deal breaker but I really want to see some anime in the next installment.
  • Better but still needs flavor- There are portions of the dialogue that have a voice over chat but they seem to be one liners or just the beginning of the dialogue when a new character is met. I like voice work so personally I’d like to see the next game fully voiced.



  • …???- The only thing I can really lean hard on in this game is the ending. I felt like things weren’t as resolved as I would have liked. If they would have given me a little bit more to go on I would have had no problem giving this game a 10. Either way the game is absolutely amazing.



Some people complain about this games graphics but trust me it does not even come into the equation. If you liked any of the other Ys art styles then you will be just fine. This game belongs in every vita owners library. It has my highest recommendation and it blew me away with how fun it was. It was so amazing that I am working on getting the coveted platinum trophy for the game and as of now I’m at 82% completion. I can’t say enough good this about this game without being redundant so do yourself a favor and go check it out for yourself. P.S. If you can find it get the collectors edition, the journal that comes in the package will help with side quests and the location of certain crafting materials. Its a good resource to have.


Gameplay: 10
Story: 8
Graphics: 10
Sound: 10
Replay: 10
Overall: 9.5

Excellent – This game is beyond amazing–it should be a mandatory purchase for every gamer. But it has some problems that prevent it from becoming a true masterpiece.

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  • AndrewLB

    I agree with just about everything in this article, including the ending which was just missing something that i can’t put my finger on. I am somewhat shocked though that the author completely missed one of the most noteworthy aspects of this game and that’s the absolutely incredible musical score. The Ys series is considered by many to have some of the best music ever produced in video game history going all the way back to Ys: Book I & II for TurboGrafx-CD (first game to have a true musical score with actual instruments, and not MIDI). Falcom’s in-house band did a fantastic job with the hard driving beats that make even tedious tasks go by like a flash.

    What disappointed me though was how it’s a Vita exclusive, like Ys: Seven. Every single Ys game prior to that came on PC, my preferred format. Being a fan of the series since the 1989 Turbografx-CD game, I had to play this one and fortunately I managed to borrow my brothers Vita for a couple months because i wasn’t about to spend $200 on a handheld I only want for a single game. And unfortunately, the fact that it’s a Vita exclusive has resulted in most gamers never even hearing about it since the Vita is pretty much a complete failure in the United States.

    • Sphyriel

      I totally forgot to mention the soundtrack and for that I apologize. I was able to get my hands on the collector’s edition of the game and listened to the soundtrack more than a few times. It was AMAZING. I love listening to that music while I’m cleaning or doing dishes, or even while I write. Its great! As for the PC port I’m sure its coming. It takes forever for things like that to happen and I know steam has seen some good sales from former Ys titles on their site. I really hope it goes to PC soon because I would rather have more platforms for people to buy these wonderful games on so that it supports more Ys games in the future. Thanks for your comment. Its great to talk to another fan of the series.