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Game Review Guidelines


Our video game reviews use a unique bullet point format (example). We tell you what you need to know about the game. There are six different sections to our reviews:

  • Introduction– The first paragraph, here we set you up for the review, we’ll discuss our thoughts going into the game, or provide you with some background information.
  • The Story – A paragraph giving a spoiler free overview of the game’s story (Note: Games without stories won’t have this section).
  • Praise – Where we tell you everything we loved about the game (bullet points).
  • Awkward Silence – Basically this is a nitpicking zone. It’s for things that we don’t love or hate (bullet points).
  • Well-Deserved Criticisms – Where we talk about everything we disliked about the game (bullet points).
  • Conclusion – The last paragraph of the review, and where we give you our final verdict.

In a normal review the reviewer can’t talk about everything the game has to offer. The review would be too long because they’d have to start a new paragraph for each new topic. With this format we can talk about 60+ aspects of a game in less than 800 words (Note: this is just an example, the reviews don’t have a predetermined length). So you’re reading less, but you’re also getting more information. Furthermore, bullet points are easier to read, since each one has a title.

We use a 21-point review scale (0-10). We rate games based on five aspects, Gameplay, Story, Graphics, Sound, and Replay value. Then we average all those scores together, round to the nearest whole number or ½, and that’s the overall score.

In our opinion the score is the least important aspect of the review. So you have to click the “Reveal Overall Score” button to see the score. But before doing that–you should try to guess the score based on what you’ve just read. Or better yet, don’t look at it…

You looked! Well, here’s the meaning of all 21 numbers on our review scale:

0 Unplayable – Is this even a game? Luckily you’ll never see this score outside of this review guidelines page. If a game is this bad we won’t even bother writing a review.

0.5 Unpleasant – Going to a funeral is more enjoyable than playing this game.

1.0 Terrible – You heard it here first; this will go down as one of the worst games ever. We’re talking Superman 64 Bad!

1.5 Poor– This is the gaming equivalent of the U.S national deficit.

2.0 Painful – This game will cause you physical pain. Seriously, we aren’t joking, play it and you’ll have migraines for days.

2.5 Ugh – That’s the sound you’ll make after playing this game for more than a millisecond.

3.0 Broken – This game is seriously broken.

3.5 Shovelware – This is a game deserving of a landfill.

4.0 Mediocre – Of only moderate quality, this game isn’t good.

4.5 Forgettable – If you decide to play this game, you’ll forget about it as soon as you put the controller down.

5.0 Almost – This game is almost average, but it falls short.

5.5 Average – There’s nothing wrong with being average, but it’s hard to recommend this game when there are better ones on the market.

6.0 Decent – This game isn’t bad, but it could be a lot better. Save yourself some money; rent this if you’re curious.

6.5 Solid – This game is okay, but you should wait for a price drop before picking it up.

7.0 Good – This game probably won’t win any awards, but it’ll keep you entertained, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters–it’s worth a look.

7.5 Very Good – This game flirts with greatness, but ultimately falls short. Still it’s highly entertaining and worth a look.

8.0 Great – Many strive for greatness, and fail. Not this game, it looked greatness in the eye and lived to tell about it. We recommend purchasing it.

8.5 Superb – Better than great–this game’s quality deserves praise. We highly recommend purchasing it.

9.0 Amazing – This is a must have, you’ll see this game on top ten lists at the end of the year.

9.5 Excellent – This game is beyond amazing–it should be a mandatory purchase for every gamer. But it has some problems that prevent it from becoming a true masterpiece.

10 Masterpiece – A perfect score doesn’t mean a game is perfect, it means it gets our highest recommendation, and that it’s a “modern-day masterpiece”.